Choose any variety of flavors from our menu selection. Empanadas may be ordered hot or cold for your event and will include simple heating instructions if needed.

Empanada Pricing:

Bakers Dozen (13) for $20.
3 Dozen (36) for $55
6 Dozen (72) for $105
9 Dozen (108) for $155
12 Dozen (144) for $200

Empanada Flavors:

  • Black bean and corn

  • Potato broccoli cheddar

  • Classic chicken and cheese

  • Creamy spinach and artichoke

  • Beef and caramelized onion

  • Sweet potato apple

  • Pineapple guava

*Feel free to requests a different flavor you may have had at an event but please allow for additional time. A weeks notice is recommended for any large orders.

Side Dishes:

  • Tray of our house rice and beans (jasmine rice seasoned and mixed with black and pinto beans) $25

  • Tray of our cantina slaw (red cabbage, carrots, cucumber and radishes tossed in a lime vinaigrette with fresh mint and cilantro) $35

*Trays serve approximately 15-20 people